Here Since 1941...Here for Good.

Col. Cheever Sr.Where else but in the United States could a young Army captain and his wife with no investment capital or outside income start a bank that would grow to be one of the largest family-owned, independent banks in the region.

In 1941, young Army officer, Charles E. Cheever Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth “Betty” Cheever, defied the odds when they established a financial institution to meet the needs of the military and the local community.

Just as Cheever was settling into banking he was called back to duty when the United States became embroiled in WWII. His wife, Betty, stepped in to run the newly formed bank. Little did the then Major Charles E. Cheever know that years later he would return as a colonel, serve as chairman of the Broadway Bank Board, and later become president of USAA. In 1969 after 16 years, he retired as one of the longest serving presidents in the history of the insurance cooperative. Colonel Cheever continued to be fully engaged in the success and longevity of Broadway Bank.

Broadway Bank's Original Location and Current Location

Col. Cheever Sr. and Charles E. Cheever Jr.The bank’s family legacy continued with Charles E. Cheever Jr. – a West Point graduate and Air Force instructor pilot – who elected to steer the family-owned bank instead of pursuing a legal career. Over the years, Cheever Jr. would guide the bank through growing pains, regulatory changes and numerous recessions.

Today, with the fourth generation of family members helping to guide the course, Broadway Bank is one of the strongest and best capitalized banks in the region with 39 locations across South Central Texas.

We invite you to experience the peace-of-mind of knowing that your family’s financial needs are in the highly experienced hands of our family business ... Broadway Bank.