Owner Occupied Real Estate Loans

Owner Occupied Real Estate Loans

It’s your business. So when it’s time to make the move from leasing to owning your own workspace (or even refinancing an existing real estate loan), it’s important to get every detail right.

Of course, that means providing the options you need like:

Conventional or SBA Financing
80% Loan to Value Ratio
Loans for projects starting as
low as $500,000
Conventional or SBA financing
Up to 80% loan-to-value ratio for most owner-occupied commercial real estate


But it also means working with someone who has a unique understanding of the market and your project. At Broadway Bank, our experienced real estate lenders have the history, experience and local market knowledge to get it done right.

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All loans subject to credit approval, verification, and collateral evaluation. Eligible costs include title company fees, surveys, environmental review costs, appraisal, and other title fees. Offer and conditions subject to change without notice. Property insurance will be required including flood insurance if necessary. Conditions and restrictions apply. Please ask for details.