Certificate of Deposit

CDs are for the investor who chooses to earn fixed or potentially
higher rates of interest by depositing funds for a fixed term.

  • Minimum opening deposit is $1,000
  • Minimum daily balance to obtain disclosed
    annual percentage yield is $1,000.
  • Terms vary from 90 days to five (5) years
  • Interest on CDs one year or greater compounds
    quarterly; if less than one year, CDs earn simple interest
  • Interest can be credited monthly, quarterly, annually, or at maturity to any Broadway deposit account

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* Substantial penalty for early redemption of all certificates. Interest will not be paid for any funds withdrawn during the grace period. The Truth in Savings Act requires disclosures to be available on all consumer deposit accounts. Please inquire at any Broadway Bank location or call 1-888-777-0740 for a separate Truth in Savings Act disclosure.


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