Individual Retirement Accounts


Build your tomorrow. Start an IRA today.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are one of the smartest ways to save for your retirement. Tax advantages and great interest rates help you build your funds.

You can contribute to a Broadway Bank IRA even if you already have an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Plus, Broadway Bank IRAs have no annual fee and are separately insured by the FDIC.

Money Market IRA

  • Earns money market rates based on market conditions
  • Allows multiple contributions
  • A minimum of $2,000 is required as an
    opening deposit

Fixed-Rate IRA

  • Open with just $1,000; keep $1000 minimum daily balance to earn disclosed APY.
  • Lock in a fixed interest rate, with terms ranging from one year to five years
  • Additional deposits are accepted at maturity

Variable-Rate IRA

  • Open with just $100; $100 minimum daily balance to earn disclosed APY.
  • Earn a variable rate of interest over a fixed term
    of 18 months (rates can change at any time)
  • Additional deposits are accepted

Traditional IRA

Roth IRA

Coverdell Education Savings Account


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The Truth in Savings Act requires disclosures to be available on all consumer deposit accounts. Please inquire at any Broadway Bank location or call 1-800-531-7650 for a separate Truth in Savings Act disclosure.


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