ID Fraud Protection

Protection, support and resources conveniently added to your personal checking account.

Effective  September 1, 2011.

ID Fraud Protection

Add these valuable benefits to your checking account for only $7.95 per month.

Identity Theft Insurance

You’ll have up to $10,000 in compensation for covered losses incurred as a result of a stolen identity event.

Identity Fraud Support Service

Get identity fraud support and guidance on how to notify creditors and assistance with your credit records.

Payment Card Protection Service

Register all your credit, debit and ATM cards for protection in the event they are ever lost or stolen.
Call 1.800.251.2690.

Card PatrolSM 1

Rest easy with prompt notification and call center report regarding any suspicious activity on your registered major credit cards.

Fraud Assist Toolbox

Access online tools for assistance with the prevention of and recovery from fraud and identity theft.


Stay up to date with educational resources on personal identity and fraud topics, and sign up for e-newsletters for more information.

Triple Bureau Credit Alert1

Receive prompt notification of any inquiries, negative information, new account openings and other activity as it is added to your credit reports.

Triple Bureau Credit Report1

Receive your credit reports and scores from all three major credit-reporting agencies.

Prevent and recover from fraud and identity theft.

Special Program Notes: All services and benefits, including any insurance coverage, in this program are provided by Affinion Benefits Group (ABG), unless otherwise indicated, in conjunction with Financial Services Association (FSA) which your financial institution sponsors. This sponsorship results in an association membership being provided to each eligible customer and any co-owner of their account. Any part of this program may be modified or improved at any time without prior written notice.

Insurance Disclosure: The insurance offered is not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not an obligation of or guaranteed by the financial institution or an affiliate, and not insured by any agency of the U.S.

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