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How can I make payments to my Broadway loan(s) or advance my line of credit through Online Banking?
After signing into Online Banking, under the TRANSACTIONS tab, click on the “Funds Transfer” link. Enter the transfer information by selecting the “to”account, “from” account, the date and amount.  Click on “Transfer Funds”.

Can I make principal only payments to a consumer loan through Online Banking?  
Yes. To make principal only payment, first make a full payment for the current month. Next, make an additional payment for any amount under the monthly loan payment due amount. This payment will be directly applied to principal if the next billing statement has not been mailed.

(Ex: If your payment due is $500, first pay that amount for the current month. Then, make a separate payment for the amount under $500 and it will be applied to principal. Payment amounts equal to or greater than the monthly installment will be applied as the next month’s payment.)

Note:  Memos entered in the “Memo” field of the Transfer screen in Online Banking are for your record keeping purposes only. Information entered, such as “Please apply to principal”, is not taken into consideration as it is not seen by bank personnel until after the payment has been posted to your account.


Is there a minimum or maximum dollar amount allowed for loan/line of credit transfers?
There is no minimum or maximum dollar amount for loan/line payments made through Personal Online Banking. Line of credit advances are limited only to the available credit in your account.

When are funds available if the Personal Line of Credit is advanced?
The transferred funds are available immediately in the receiving checking, savings or money market account.

When are payments posted to loan accounts if paid through Personal Online Banking?
Payments are posted overnight to your loan account. It’s important to remember transfers entered after 6:00PM central time may not be processed until the following business day.

Can I schedule a recurring loan payment through Personal Online Banking?
Yes. You can choose the frequency of your loan payment, or you can simply schedule a one-time payment for today or a future business day.

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