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Online Bill Pay


Can I pay bills through Online Banking?
Yes, click on Bill Payment under the Transactions Tab to enroll.

How do I set-up new Billers with Broadway Bank Bill Pay?
To make the most of the bill payment feature, we suggest that you spend a few minutes collecting your bills and information about the companies you wish to pay. You may add billers by following the instructions below:

  1. Under the TRANSACTIONS tab, click on Bill Payment.  
  2. Click “ADD A BILL”
  3. Select the type of bill you would like to add and click “CONTINUE”. (If you have an account number for the bill, select that option to ensure that your payment is properly credited.)
  4. Type the name of the Biller, and click “SEARCH”.  If the correct name or company appears, enter your account number, complete the additional fields and click “CONTINUE”. You will then receive a message that the company or person has been added.  **To manually enter the Biller’s information, click on the link “Enter all information for your bill” and complete the required fields.

How do I make a payment?
To make a payment, click on the “PAYMENT CENTER” button. Under Pay Bills, enter the amount for the bill you wish to pay. The system will automatically pre-fill the earliest available date in the “PAY DATE” field, or you may click on the calendar to determine the next available date to schedule your payment. Click on “SEND PAYMENT”, and carefully review the information. Next click “CONFIRM PAYMENTS”; you will then receive a “PAYMENT COMPLETE” message and confirmation number.  To verify the bills you have requested to pay, locate “Pending Payments” in the Payment Center.

NOTE: The funds will be deducted from your checking account on the payment due date if the payment is sent electronically. If sent by check, it will be deducted from your account when the Biller processes the check. Your Biller will be paid by our processor, either electronically (ACH) or by a mailed check.


What should I do to ensure that my Biller receives my payment on the due date?
When you pay bills using Online Banking, payments must be scheduled at least five (5) business days in advance of their due dates.

Can I use Broadway Bank Online Banking to pay repeating bills automatically?
Yes. You can automatically create and send a payment to a Biller at the frequency you specify. Simply select the “Manage My Bills” button, select the Biller’s name from the drop down box, then select “Add an automatic payment”. On the right of the page, enter the payment amount, the first payment date, select the payment frequency, and the number of automatic payments (or until the payment is cancelled). Next, click on the “Set up Payment” button. Online Banking will automatically send the payments you have specified until you cancel the payment.

Can I cancel a bill payment or automatic payment once it is initiated?
Yes. You can cancel any bill payment or automatic payment while its status is “Pending” or until processing has begun. You can cancel payments from the “Pending Payments” section located on the “Payments Center” page, click on “Cancel” and then click “Cancel Payment”.

What should I do if a Biller has not posted my payment?
Sometimes the Biller may not credit your account immediately after receiving your payment. If the payment is not credited in a reasonable amount of time, take the following steps to resolve the problem:

  • Allow five days, after the scheduled “Pay Date”, to see if the Biller credits the payment to your account.
  • If the payment is not applied to your account, call the Billers customer service department to see if they have received your payment.

When you call, gather the following information from the biller:

    • The name of the person who assisted you with your payment question
    • The phone number you called to contact the Biller
    • The date you called the Biller to inquire about your payment
    • The amount of any late fees or finance charges that may have been assessed.

If you received a late fee but scheduled your payment on time, ask the Biller if they will waive any late fees or finance charges.

If the payment is not credited to your account or if the Biller will not waive the late fees, find the payment in the “RECENT PAYMENTS” section on the “PAYMENT CENTER” page and click on “VIEW BILL HISTORY”. Next, click on “VIEW DETAIL” to send us an inquiry about the payment.


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