Assistance with Estate Settlement in the Austin, TX Area

Estate Settlement Austin, TX

Settling a loved one’s estate is a task no one should have to complete alone. With our Estate Settlement services, the professionals at Broadway Bank’s Austin area banking centers help families with business and financial matters involved in settling an estate – easing burdens at a time when our customers need us most.  

Trusted Advisors for Effective Estate Settlement

  • As executor or co-executor, we handle small estates quickly and efficiently.
  • With Broadway Bank as executor, continuity is ensured for administering the process of settling a large, complex estate.
  • Broadway Bank has no financial interest in the estates we administer, eliminating conflict of interest issues.
  • We have the objectivity necessary to weigh the needs of multiple beneficiaries and work through disagreements – when a family member has been named as executor, we are available to act as a trusted advisor to meet the needs of the family and the estate.

Estate Settlement involves:

  • Inventory of personal property, arranging appraisals and the sale of estates
  • Coordination with attorneys and accountants for court document filing and tax returns
  • Administering the payment of funeral expenses, outstanding bills and other related expenses
  • Collection of debts owed to the decedent
  • Liquidation, transfer and continuity of income-producing real estate and business interests
  • Handling of collectibles and antiques
  • Distribution to survivors in accordance with the decedent’s will

Trust Broadway Bank to Handle Your Estate Settlement in the Austin Area with Experience, Care and Dignity

Please contact us at 800.531.7650 to schedule a review of your Estate Settlement needs.